We believe in the true beauty of authenticity. Timeless yet contemporary. Materials that last over time, contrast yet softness where less becomes more



The Apt vision dream was born 2016 -

to share intuitive design and develop beautiful & serene for-sale homes, from bespoke residential spaces down to the final styling signed Apt /Apartment Objects.

As a start, the Apt Journal was founded 

by Ann-Sofie Ejdelund as her own creative outlet & design universe & soul searching.

Simply a space to share what she herself is influenced by to inspire others to create their own beautiful living and share design consultancy.

For a new story to be written...

we would love to connect & partner up with you who share our passion to develop  

bespoke & serene homes that elevates the world for others and

leave a legacy that lasts behind.

If you want to collaborate, share any ideas with us or having a request, don't hesitate to reach out.

APT / Apartment Objects, Design & Development

Through working closely with skilled craftsmen, architects and property developers we aim to develop bespoke residential concepts. Spaces in small or big scale down to the final styling.

A home signed Apartment Objects reflects the true beauty of authenticity.

We believe in timeless yet contemporary. Contrast yet softness, combined with a firm belief in quality. Less becomes more, authentic materials and craftsmanship simply speaks for itself and last over time.

What you see is what you'll get.



Founder, Creative Director

Ann-Sofie Ejdelund

+46 706 575757