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Apt Design & Development


A P T   O B J E C T S


Apt / Apartment Objects is a Stockholm based brand and Interior Design Studio founded by Ann-Sofie Ejdelund.

Apt Journal was first launched  in 2019  as her own design universe to align with her vision and child hood dream, as well as inspire others to develop authentic & serene homes.

Established into a space for inspiration for both architects, stylist and designers as well as private clients seeking the true beauty of authenticity.Consulting in interior design.


A visionary at heart, our work is about sharing our passion, intuitive design and carefully selected objects that leave a legacy that lasts.

In 2023 she embraces the Journey within the Apt world - for collaborations, and  Apt Objects as a brand by developing her collection.


Through working closely with skilled craftsmen, high quality of producers, architects and property developers the studio offers the conceptual design in collaboration to full service architectural solutions. From furniture to bespoke residential projects, high end objects of interiors, renovations to new-build concepts. As well as to private clients.


Our momentum is to develop premium for sale homes & residentials down to the final styling with a firm belief in quality and that what you seek seeks you.


We value the beauty of simplicity. Softness yet contrasts. High-end craftsmanship and natural materials that simply speaks for itself and lasts over time. Less becomes more, what you see is what you get. 






Founder, Creative Director, Interior Designer

Ann-Sofie Ejdelund

+46 706 575757




@apt.journal  // @aptobjects








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