Joseph Dirand | Avenue Montaigne

more design details, here, New York Times

Panels, hand-painted by the Atelier Mériguet-Carrère

Warren Platner Chairs

"A Designers Dream Apartment for someone else" Photo Martin Marell / Design Joseph Dirand / last picture Painting by Lucio Fontana

"UNTIL RECENTLY, the Parisian designer and architect Joseph Dirandsavored the boundaries built into his profession; he was certain that limits focused him, or at least that there was value in the elaborate dance of convincing clients to do things his way. Still, even at his rarefied level, there were practical concerns as well as budgets, albeit often stupendous ones. At its Surf Club residences in Miami, whose rooms Dirand swathed in travertine, the Four Seasons handed him a 700-page book of guidelines; the Balenciaga showroom in Toyko — that showcased the dreamy, uninterrupted expanses of rare marble that the 43-year-old Dirand so loves — had a mission to sell merchandise and the L’Apogée Courchevel resort had to be finished ahead of time for the resort’s brief ski season."

by Nancy Hass The New York Times

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