Petrified Wood

Hur vackra är dessa förstenade trä skapelser från Odem Atelier!! Sååå vackra! Vi är kära. Påminner om agate som vi också tycker ger en exklusive och fashionable känsla. Photo, ovan i top, en sneak peak från detaljer från ett uppdrag för Jm Premium som vi gjorde.

Du hittar dessa unika pieces i link i vår shop eller direkt HÄR.

Love, A & K

The Story & Photo Cred, nedan Odem Atelier

"Over 6,000,000 years old and carefully excavated by farmers during the dry season, our hand picked Petrified Wood is of the highest quality from deep underground in Indonesia. Every fossilised piece collected is genuinely unique and naturally different, modified by The Planet itself. These rare art forms are pure inspiration of the natural, fascinating imperfections that lie beneath the surface of our Earth. Enjoy the magnificence of raw unparalleled luxury designs that are dense with detail. Specifically chosen by ODEM and inspected by a professional geologist, all unique objects are handmade and polished by artisans who hold centuries of experience. Rare and beautiful, behold opalized bowls, trays and polished slices with an everlasting presence."

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