Wine is Poetry | Atticus

February 15, 2019




Wine is poetry and so is Life,

- Atticus







How can we not fall in love with his words. Atticus, the anonymous poet. Love this concept and as a branding junkie and a wine lover. I find this so so beautiful!!


Simply the perfect gift for those loving wine and the beauty of life, embracing it all - the dark between the stars, knowing that it's in the cracks the light comes in and you'll be shining brighter then before, XX





Lost Poet Collectors pack also contains the NYT Best-selling novel, The Dark Between Stars. Se more in link below.


"Even if you’ve never heard his name you’ve probably met someone with his words tattooed on their skin. Or heard his words sung at a music concert. Atticus, the young anonymous poet and New York Times Best-Selling Author, has taken the world by storm with his beautiful words and powerful simple themes of love and strength of human spirit."

'Inspired by the processes of writing and winemaking, four distinct labels to ignite your inner creative."




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