A beautiful mind

I will never give up beauty. My sensitive heart craves it. That's what elevates my world. That's what I want to give to others. That is my passion and what inspires me. For me it's about self expression, visual sense, balance and to combine contrasts that enhances each others beauty.

Beauty is not about perfection but about being real. it's in the cracks the light comes in. When we own our shadows we have the power to choose the light.

Authenticity is magic - and also what I find the most beautiful and attractive in all areas of life. It's about quality. Timeless beauty that lasts over time

Weather it's in relationships, design, the food we eat or our surroundings.

No matter how much we try, if looking outside of ourselves will only lead to searching in all the wrong places. It all comes down to this:

All the beauty is already inside of you. It starts and ends with you knowing you are loved, worthy & deserving.

Whatever we own from within will show up in our outer world - thats a universal law.

As we know a beautiful heart & mind is hard to resist.

It's all an inner work and our world is nothing else but a reflection of our conscious mind - or unconscious.

To live beautifully starts with a beautiful mind - the power to rewrite our story to change our reality if we're not happy with what we see.

There is beauty everywhere. For me the most beautiful is simple. The more we focus on it in everything rather then what we don't want the more we will experience it.

I think this is a time for every one and each of us to show what we are made of and raise up!

You've got this beautiful!




love pic via pinterest