Body.Mind.Soul & Spirit

Morning Love Birds!

Hope you're well. For some of you the quarantine might open up for reflection and a up-leveled self care.

I feel there is a crucial time when we need to own our light to lighten the roads for others as well.

Just checking in to share some guidelines that might help as reminders for actions of self love. It begins with you. Self love simply heals the world.

( A thing each one of us has to work on in different degrees I believe. )

Energy never lies

Your body, your souls temple - listen to it's wisdom. It never lies.

Affirm & choose carefully

Our mind is constantly trying to run us but we are supposed to run our minds and not the other way around. Don't believe everything you think.

Rewrite your story

Our soul can fool as but that is how we learn and evolve. We repeat our past experiences until we get the souls lesson. We are souls having a human experience in a body and not the other way around. When we're become conscious we're able to heal and can rewrite our story - elevate our world and let go of patterns that's not serving us anymore.

Know who you truly are

Whatever name you label it - god, the universe, love, source..or spirit.

It's the essence of who you are, and your link to everything. The universal truth and compassion of pure energy and the highest good for all.

So, how can we support our complex system to support each other to balance the whole. Everything is linked together.

Here follow a few tips you can do for yourself:

BODY / by nourishment, movment and exercise. Self care, spa, massage and spend time in nature to connect and ground yourself.

SOUL / to heal the soul it can include journaling, energy healing and meditation. The latter a free tool that can move mountains and connect you to your answers within, insights and connect you to guidance from your spirit..

MIND / A muscles that can be trained. Energy flows where intention goes so pay attention and cut of negative thinking and practice on to focusing on what you want, the solutions rather then what you don't want and what's not working.

SPIRIT / In silence you can hear. Take a moment for YOU each day and listen. Meditate, if so 5 minutes.

Support is your birthright. You are never alone. And you have this source within you. The more you can see it the more it will reflect out on your outer world.

There are two ways of living - we either take a decision from a place of love or fear. Fear has nothing to do with spirit and if you are at a fearful place you are not in alignment with spirit.

To focus on service and how you can help is a great a tool that not only serving others but yourself and always brings you back on track to let go of the lower mind and ego.

And while I'm writing this I try to get my head around the HEART - is that a mix of the soul, mind and spirit then? What I know some things can not be explained but just felt. And when following your heart, you can never go wrong. We never get more then we can handle and sometimes storms just come to clear the air.

Hope this serves you!

Lovely day sweet hearts,



Photo via Fashion gone rouge